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What Would You Like To Learn More Of?

Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:22 pm
by ShugoHanasaki
In this topic we discuss the things from Lunar 2 that we would like to learn more about that the series showed us.

Some of the things I would have loved to learn about is the actual origin of Lucia. Who are her actual parents (Is it Luna and Alex?) Is she Althena's sister? Was she created or born?

The Blue Spire. I'd love to know more about that and the connection it has with the Blue Star. We learned about it, but I feel with all the research Gwyn has there's bound to be more :P

Some history on some of the forgotten villages from LUNAR 1. Burg? Thieves Bazaar? Daemon's Tower?

What things come to mind for you?

Re: What Would You Like To Learn More Of?

Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:11 pm
by Alunissage
Remember, Gwyn, couldn't even get into the Blue Spire until he went with Hiro, because he didn't have the other Dragon Eye needed to open it. So he probably doesn't know much about its function besides what he observed there. And, of course, in the original SegaCD game, it's revealed that it's also a power accumulator in preparation for the Blue Star's revival, something apparently only Lucia knows, but Ghaleon knows too. I suppose that suggests that he learned it from somewhere, but he was kinda unique. In the Vheen manga, there's an image of him as a young man (decades before the events of Lunar 1) with the Blue Spire in the background, and he also became a priest of Althena at some point in that time period (though possibly not by the time he was at the Spire, because he's wearing a sword in that pic, I think), so between those two and perhaps also his reading every book in the Vane Library, he may have deduced that function of the Spire. And since the other structures involving dragon eyes as locking mechanisms don't show up anywhere prior to EB, we don't know when those were done and whether it was so difficult to get in. Although I can't see the Star Sentry (who guards the other source of dragon eyes in EB) letting him borrow them to get into the Spire that early. I have to think about this.

Lucia was left on the Blue Star when Althena evacuated everyone to Lunar, so she predates Alex and Luna by a millennium or so. The scenario writer described her and Althena as "like sisters" (emphasis mine), and an early EB development idea was to have an empty crystal in the tower next to Lucia's. I don't think that's binding, though. The Japanese novelization of EB has Lucia saying that she's never met Althena, although this is odd because Lucia does apparently remember Althena's confrontation with Zophar. Then again, the novels may have been written before the EBC remake, I forget. Anyway, I've wondered about created vs born myself, and likewise for Althena and Zophar.

I'm also curious to know what happened in the 500-600 years between Lunar 1 and 2 (the 1000 year difference was introduced in localization), such as with Vane and Althena's temples, etc. We know Neo-Vane has to have been only in the last couple of decades or so, since it'd be some time after Borgan was in the Magic Guild, and I don't remember if a specific time period was ever given as to when "Althena" reappeared and Pentagulia was built. I feel like there was a mention of fifty years somewhere for when Ghaleon was collecting dragon auras, but I might well be making that up.

There clearly was a lot of geographical change. Maybe a moon turned into a habitable world isn't as stable as the Blue Star presumably would be. (Althenagenic climate change?) Caldor Isle appears to be basically under ice, presumably rendering Burg and Saith uninhabitable.

Re: What Would You Like To Learn More Of?

Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 5:43 pm
by ShugoHanasaki
Wow thanks for all that! ^_^