Lunar Character Tournament Update!

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Lunar Character Tournament Update!

Postby GhaleonOne » Tue Dec 25, 2007 4:53 am

The round of 32 has started! For the most part, the first round was fairly cut and dry. While the casts of Silver Star and Eternal Blue dominated the first round, Magic School and Dragon Song did have a few characters get by. Magic School's heroine, Elie, is the lone survivor from her time period, while Dragon Song saw Jian, Lucia and Ignatius all pass through. Gabryel almost made it through, loosing to Borgan by a mere 5 votes.
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<br />While the non-main games in the series had a few make it through, the tournament has been dominated by Silver Star and Eternal Blue. Characters such as Lucia (from EB), Alex, Leo, Luna, Ghaleon, Mia and more dominated their matchup's. There were also two battles that came down to tie-breakers. Ronfar and Tempest tied, as did Ruby and Mystere... because you know, you can't prove that Leo and Mystere are the same people. :)
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<br />The second round is going to see some good matchups. Tonight, Kyle and Leo battle it out in an amazing battle between two master's of the sword. Two of the four hero's from Silver Star will face off in the Ghaleon vs. Lemia battle. Interestingly enough, Dyne faces Quark, whose son Nall takes on Dyne's other personality, Laike.
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<br />As a side note, I will be going on vacation next week, so the tournament will go into intermission for a few days. Have fun and keep voting!

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