LUNAR: Silver Star Harmony Facebook Page

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LUNAR: Silver Star Harmony Facebook Page

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Even though we've mentioned this before in updates and on the boards, I thought I'd remind everyone once again about the LUNAR: Silver Star Harmony Facebook page. Pretty much any important news about the game has been posted there before anywhere else (including here). They've had a lot of fun stuff going on there. Links to video interviews, a character poll (in which I should brag that Ghaleon won) and even a Q&A with Dobashi-san, the director for LUNAR: Silver Star Harmony, that should be coming back soon with answers! Also, a ton of screenshots, multimedia and probably the best of all, some seriously amazing fanart. So really, if you haven't become a fan of LUNAR: Silver Star Harmony on Facebook, go do it. Oh, and a nice little reward outtake has been posted too! Linkage below:

SSH Facebook page

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Re: LUNAR: Silver Star Harmony Facebook Page

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