Lunar EB Section: Upgraded!

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Lunar EB Section: Upgraded!

Post by Kizyr »

We're continuing our mission to level up LunarNET. Now, we bring you an upgraded "Eternal Blue" section -- and there's even more new stuff here than our last update!

The new EB section has a complete characters page, way more artwork and packaging shots, and a ton of music straight from the US and Japanese games. We've also added more to the movies and game saves, and we have a much better guide to the Lemina Bug (complete with more details and screenshots this time).

Oh and naturally, all of the remaining sections (J-E Differences, song lyrics, credits, info) are also updated -- some of that still had 'Under Construction' notices before today... Anyway, check out the new place and let us know what you think!

EB - Main Page
EB - Characters
EB - Artwork
EB - Packaging
EB - Music
EB - Lemina Bug Guide
~Kizyr (they|them)

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Re: Lunar EB Section: Upgraded!

Post by jos24 »

amazing work thanks

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Re: Lunar EB Section: Upgraded!

Post by Alunissage »

I'm pretty sure Shigema says explicitly that Gwyn is a beastman and Hiro is adopted in the 30 Questions with Kei Shigema. He also says that Gwyn travelled a lot in his youth, which is when he met Hiro's parents, and that he probably also met Nall in that time.

Since you mentioned pre-final names in the TSS section, you might note that Ruby started out in development as Mink (thanks Temzin for translating the I+II artbook section that tells us this).

Don't have time to read through the Lemina Bug section right now, but glad to see it.

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Re: Lunar EB Section: Upgraded!

Post by Temzin »

More fantastic work! By the way, I'm due for a replay, but I cannot recall Ghaleon being referred to as "Dragonmaster" in the Mega CD version of the game itself. In the remake, it's quite explicit, of course, and they got to do what Shigema talks about having originally planned in the Lunar I&II book about having him get enraged when being called "Dragonmaster" because it insults the memor of his dead friend. But I remember a lot more usage of "Master Ghaleon" in the Mega CD version, if that---obviously, in the design materials, he's the Dragonmaster, but is this an instance like with the Vheen manga where extra-textual knowledge is making us misremember? I can't recall.

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