Magazine scans for TSS/EB

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Magazine scans for TSS/EB

Post by Damon »

Greetings, travelers! Thanks to forum member liquidpolicenaut, we now have a few magazine scans from the early 1990s, back when Lunar: TSS and Lunar: EB were first released. My personal favorite is a 1991 bit on TSS with two early development screenshots showing Luna with brown (not blue) hair.

Feel free to check out the two new subsections we've just added:
TSS - Artwork: Media
EB - Artwork: Media

(And if you're wondering why it's me and not Kizyr posting, well... sometimes when your student is just plain *lazy* you have to take matters into your own hands. And embarrass him a little.)
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Re: Magazine scans for TSS/EB!

Post by Kizyr »

I... but... what... how did you get FTP access?
Holy dragon diamond, I take a few weeks too long on an update and this happens... KF
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Re: Magazine scans for TSS/EB

Post by jay_are »

"Compared to other RPGs out there, this one simply doesn't stack up.
It does not have superb graphics..."

Man... even back then we had blind meat-heads like these?
I don't understand why it is Lunar is often criticized for not having enough "graphics".
In the PS1 era I can obviously see that people thought 3D games were superior... despite the fact that, you know,
it had beautiful landscapes, each town and dungeon looked unique and just great,
the enemies had a lot of animation, the sprites were lovely, and the characters portraits were incredibly good.
Lunar 2 had all of these in the Sega CD and it's still not enough?????

"... sounds, or even music."
lol cool story bro.
Thats something I have never even heard about any RPG...
Usually, RPGs have at least 2 or 3 tracks that people will absolutely love the game for.
Lunar spoiled us here. And this guy is just casually scratching it off!

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