GameArts Survey!

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GameArts Survey!

Post by GhaleonOne »

Hello LUNAR fans! We've got a bit of news for you that should be worth 10 minutes of your time. The GungHo America team is currently doing an online survey in regards to GameArts titles in North America. This is helping gauge interest in what fans what. This is your chance to tell them you want more Lunar!

To fill out the survey, follow the link below:

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Re: GameArts Survey!

Post by Leo »

I'm curious about how many people need to fill it out for them to consider it worth the effort to move forward. Please let it work out for the best..

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Re: GameArts Survey!

Post by Zhane Masaki »

Took the survey. I also will use my social media accounts to try to reach out to other fans. I hope they remake or at least rerelease the game ssomehow.

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Re: GameArts Survey!

Post by jay_are »

Lunar 2 Eternal Blue should be a priority.
I'm very happy with all the Lunar Silver Star Story re-releases, but the sad thing is that we never saw part 2 in 15 years.
Some people don't even know that game exists!

The best they could make with Eternal Blue is something like Silver Star Harmony, with that type of beautiful graphics and music, but with all the things it lacked (big overworld, better balance with enemies that respawned too much, item icons like the PS1 games, towns and caves that don't seem too shrunk, and minimum loading times).

Other than that, I could take the Saturn version of Lunar 2 that we never got. But a lot of fans will agree that the Sega CD was the definite version of it.

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