The Soundtracks - Updated!

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The Soundtracks - Updated!

Post by Kizyr »

We've updated our Soundtracks section! And a major update it is. We now have detailed packaging images, updated tracklists (and translations), and selected audio clips, for all 14½ official soundtracks of the Lunar series! The soundtracks include all of the various music (original in-game versions, remastered, and extended ones), vocal tracks (including extended versions of the in-game soundtracks and other vocal tracks that were never in the games themselves), and drama tracks.

The soundtracks altogether have some pretty interesting stuff. It's all up in our new soundtracks section here:
Merchandise - Soundtracks

Later on we have plans to translate all of the vocal songs (sooner) and drama tracks (later, maybe much later...). For now we hope you enjoy!
~Kizyr (they|them)

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Re: The Soundtracks - Updated!

Post by jay_are »

So beautiful!!
Music is the most important thing to me in videogames, and that's probably thanks to Lunar's influence :D
Thanks for all your work put into this.

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