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Postby iJoel » Wed Jun 08, 2011 7:16 pm

Dark_Fairy wrote:
iJoel wrote:I meant an unofficial translation by one of the game hacking teams. I hear there are tools already out for that game. Though, honestly, I would much rather just slowly learn Japanese through playing video games. I think that would be much more beneficial :P.

I know what you meant. It was just me ranting about how Namco stinks for not bring over Rebirth or a ton other Tales of games, lol. I wish Namco WOULD bring over more of the Tales games. Luckily, here in 2012, at least we're getting Tales of Graces, which I'm excited for.

I want to learn Japanese myself, as then I wouldn't have to worry about if something gets translated or not. It just requires time and patience I don't have. I do have some Japanese books though, so technically I could probably learn somewhat. It would be hard without a teacher though. :(

I wish this whole language learning thing was easy. I mean, imagine all the new movies, video games, anime, everything that we could enjoy ^_^.

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