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Tabletop gaming

Postby kazuya » Sat Jul 25, 2020 12:09 am

I was reading about the origins of RPGs and how war-themed table top roleplaying influenced the genre.
I'm just curious if anybody here used to get together before this pandemic to do some good ol' fashion DnD?
Are there any other games people have played and enjoyed? Either western ones like Call of Cthulhu or japanese style like Record of Lodoss War?
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Re: Tabletop gaming

Postby Sonic# » Tue Jul 28, 2020 6:27 pm

Yes, I've been a tabletop roleplayer since college. A little bit of history:

My first ever game was in the Buffy/Angel RPG system. We got together for a semester and did about 5 or 6 sessions. It was a healthy space for introducing roleplaying - a mixed-gender group, emphasis on roleplay over battle strategy, not too granular with the rules.

The next semester, I was introduced to AD&D. Second edition. We had a few sessions and then our DM flaked. That group introduced me to what was a more granular, naggling system. Incidentally, I also got a long-term girlfriend out of the group.

Throughout the rest of college, we would sometimes play or try D&D 3.5 and D&D 4. It never quite stuck, though I was always interested in continuing it.

My first year of graduate school, I found someone online at my school wanting to put together a Trails of Cthulhu game that used the Masks of Nyarlothep campaign. Think 1920s paranormal investigation. It turns out the GM rode the same bus I did, and most of the other people worked at or attended the same school. This was an amazing game - a lot of creative roleplaying, gradually ramping up tension over months, and a core group that I'm still in contact with. We didn't finish the campaign as printed, but we wrapped it up after an amazing finale.

After that, I shuffled between several games and several systems. Savage Worlds was big for a while (including an adaptation of Eberron to that system) - it's a system built for pulp-action battles. We bounced around with old-school Runequest for a gritty mercantile campaign. We dabbled in a little spacefaring system called Diaspora, and then another called Starblazers. Eventually, Fate Core is what stuck, and I ended up running both a Star Wars and a late-medieval campaign.

Currently, I'm in two games. In Pathfinder, we're doing the AP for Reign of Winter, where I play a plucky lawful neutral cleric. Then my in-laws are running a campaign in D&D 5e. I'm looking to restart the medieval Fate Core game, but it's been hard with COVID.

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