This board is for general discussion of Lunar. Especially things such as Lunar merchandise, general discussions about the story that span more than one game, etc.
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Re: #BringBackLunar

Post by Sonic# »

Alright, all of this discussion got me curious to take a look at their website. A few things I notice:

1. The website overall could use a redesign. I got a 1990s vibe from it, which isn't bad, but it takes some persistence to dig into the news or find the content I was curious about. I actually missed the survey on my first look because my eyes are trained to skip anything that looks like an ad.
2. It could use copy-editing too. I can forgive idiomatic issues that come from English as a foreign language, but things like inconsistent capitalization communicate sloppiness in a genre where they really should be putting their best foot forward.
3. When I hear IndieGogo for an ad campaign, that also raises alarm bells in me. That isn't even crowdfunding for a product; that's crowdfunding to pay for advertising to raise awareness about a petition campaign that hopes to attract the attention of a company (identified as "Game Arts" in the pitch) that hasn't released games in a while and has little power to make anything. There are too many points that are poorly conceived, and I have serious concerns about the accountability of ad spending here since there isn't even a deliverable (a game, a product, a token) being promised. At least the IndieGogo is closed.

I don't mean to be a downer. Fan art, interviews, discussion - all of that is great, or I wouldn't even be here! I'm appreciative of generating new content like the interviews. All that said, petition efforts tend to have low probability for success to begin with, and I wish these efforts were directed toward something more concrete and accountable, like a fan site or channel, rather than a petition that feels nebulous, misdirected, and possibly opportunistic.

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Re: #BringBackLunar

Post by Kizyr »

I've been staying away from commenting on the Lunar-3 campaign thing, mostly because I simply don't have the energy to put into talking about it and would just wind up coming across 100% negative and a buzzkill. But truth is, I'm pretty much in alignment with what Temzin said. Plus, well, after seeing the level of effort that went into Dragon Song, I'm not so sure I want to see a true "Lunar 3" at this rate.

Folks are free to put money into kickstarters or other crowdfunding, and admittedly the interviews are nice. But it's not at a level that makes me think it will have any reach.

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Re: #BringBackLunar

Post by ShugoHanasaki »

Whether it happens or not...It's pretty cool that after all these years there are still people trying to make it happen. Also, comparing a future game to an old game like Dragon Song is very unfair. I hated Dragon Song, but that doesn't ruin my hope for a potential LUNAR 3.

If it happens there will always be something within the game that doesn't please someone. I'm just happy to seeing the fandom still striving for something we all wanted for so long (^.^)
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